Located at ul. Okrzei 17, 73-110 Stargard SzczeciƄski, Poland

- Storage capacity of approximately 25 thousand tons divided into two parts:
12 reinforced concrete chambers with a capacity 1260 tons each, two chambers with a capacity of 1,240 tons each, and 8 silos of 300 tons each
15 chambers with the capacity of 260 tons each, three chambers of 230 tons each, one of 250 tons and last one with 160 tons capacity

- Mechanical-Hybrid scale weighbridge 50t

- Truck unloading baskets for the capacity of 120t/h (3 pits)

- Load up to 1200 t / 24 hour period

- Laboratory equipped with apparatus for determining the parameters and quality of grain and rapeseed according to Polish and EU standards

- Grain cleaning (2 machineries)

- Drying machinery with the capacity of 25 t/h